My LTC Insurance is getting very expensive; What should I do?

If I had a quarter for every time, I was asked this question I would have a lot of quarters for sure.  Many LTC (long term care) companies made significant

Finding and Sharing Joy

We hope you enjoy this special blog by Meg Motter, Client Care Advocate for Bellomo and Associates: Jump for joy! Joy to the world! Enjoy. The word “joy” surrounds us,

Thank You All For Supporting Our Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Since my first day with Bellomo & Associates, our team has been a part of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Over the years, it has come to mean so much,

Happy 7 Year Work Anniversary Amber!

This year I celebrated seven years with Bellomo & Associates. What a whirlwind it has been! Honestly, it so easy to come to work that I am not sure how


More and more, as our population ages, many of us are taking care of aging spouses or parents. According to the Mayo Clinic, 33% of adults provide such care. Most

Do You Need a Trust?

This question is by far the most asked question that we receive in our office. However, there is absolutely no standard or right answer for everyone.

Caregiver Agreements and Considerations.

Caregiver agreements are often used in the Medicaid context so that a family member can be paid for their services to a loved one and the payment would not be

Now is a Good Time to Review Your Estate Plan.

It has certainly been a strange year and it feels as though we are finally heading out of it and things are “getting back to normal”. It makes me very

When are My Powers of Attorney Active?

Powers of attorney are often drafted differently by different professionals. In our office, we draft our powers of attorney to be effective immediately so that the principal is authorizing the

What is the difference between a living will and a healthcare power of attorney?

This is the question that I receive at least once a week in my estate planning and elder law practice.  Taken together, a Living Will and a Healthcare Power of Attorney,