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The future is uncertain, and there is no way that any of us can predict what will happen next year or even next week. None of us want to contemplate the worst happening, but not preparing for it can leave our loved ones without a clear path forward and with even more emotional turmoil. Taking time to plan for anything that the future holds is the best way to make sure that your loved ones are ready and that you save them as much time, money and distress as possible. Bellomo & Associates is a trusted wills and trusts law firm in Lancaster, PA, and we can help you navigate the many estate planning options available to you. We are here to help you protect your assets and carry out your wishes.

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How Can I Distribute My Assets After Death?

While you might think that estate planning is straightforward if you have a limited number of assets, that isn’t always the case. There are many different paths that you can choose with the help of a wills and trusts law firm in Lancaster, PA, and some options are more suited to different assets and families than others. We work with every client one-on-one to help them find the right estate planning solution for their situation. We want you to feel confident that your wishes are captured perfectly and that they will be carried out flawlessly in the future.

Two of the most popular ways to shift assets to your loved ones after you are no longer here are wills and trusts. At our wills and trusts law firm in Lancaster, PA, we work with many clients who are interested in wills and trusts, including:

  • Marital trusts
  • Bypass trusts
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILIT)
  • Charitable lead trusts
  • Generation-skipping trusts
  • Qualified terminable interest property (QTIP) trusts
  • Grantor retained annuity trusts (GRAT)

Every vehicle has different pros and cons, and we can help guide you to the right one for your needs.

How Can a Wills and Trusts Law Firm in Lancaster, PA Help Simplify the Probate Process?

The probate process can be expensive, stressful and lengthy, which is why many people take proactive steps to circumvent or shorten it by working with a wills and trusts law firm in Lancaster, PA. If you don’t take steps to plan ahead, the estate could be contested or distributed in accordance with state law instead of your preferences. Probate is one of the biggest obstacles that can prevent assets from being quickly transferred to your loved ones, and working with our wills and trusts law firm in Lancaster, PA can ensure your loved ones get the assets and closure you want them to as quickly as possible.

Bellomo & Associates has worked with many clients throughout Pennsylvania to avoid probate and make estate administration easier. Our detailed process makes sure that you think of everything and ensure your preferred outcome. The average uncontested will can take a year to finish the probate process, but planning ahead with our wills and trusts law firm in Lancaster, PA can save your loved ones money, time, stress and anguish when you are no longer here.

Where Can I Find a Trustworthy Wills and Trusts Law Firm in Lancaster, PA?

Bellomo & Associates, LLC is proud to be a trusted wills and trusts law firm in Lancaster, PA. We know how complex and stressful the estate planning process can be, so we simplify the process and work hard to get your documents prepared in an efficient fashion. We have assisted local residents in transferring their assets and completing the estate planning process for over a decade, and we work hard to keep our great reputation in the community. We are both compassionate and effective. To schedule your initial consultation or learn more, call us today at (717) 845-5390.