What’s Not to Love?

What’s not to love? You may think you know, but peek into my world as a Bellomo employee and lead of the firm’s Life Care Planning (LCP) program for a moment.


An LCP client can’t remember how to play “500 Rummy”? Amber and Meg spend the morning playing cards with him. The wife of a hospitalized client is distraught because the only nursing home bed is 2 hours away? Sharee alerts Meg, who provides education, emotional support, and advocates with the discharge planner.


A client’s bride is struggling? Jennah gets a heads up and sends flowers to brighten her day. A client’s financial planner needs clarification on next steps? Jeff immediately reaches out to him. A long-time Bellomo client is hospitalized and dying? Two team members visit to love on him and sit with the family…and our whole team grieves.


Another LCP client is dying? Meg is at the bedside for hours, hugging on his bride and helping to navigate decisions. The wife isn’t sure what to do now that he’s died? Michelle calls to ease her worries and begin her “probate education”. I had lunch with the bride yesterday. We talked about her journey, the tough decisions made along the way, her gratitude to the facility and hospice teams for their exceptional care. Weeks ago, the wife insisted that I thank Jeff for her—she called our team “cracker jacks”. Yesterday, she talked about how thankful she is to have found our firm, citing above all else, the peace of mind she has knowing that our team is in her life, protecting her.


When I returned to the office, a teammate stopped me to ask how she was doing—Andi was sincerely interested and relieved to hear that she was doing well. Today I find myself thankful that this man’s bride is still going to be in my life, as despite her husband having died, she has signed on for another year of maintenance and another year of LCP for herself and her disabled adult son. You knew that you loved Bellomo & Associates, right?


Trust me, the Bellomo employees—yep, all of us “cracker jacks”—love this incredible law firm just as much!