Bellomo & Associates

About Our Fees

Our clients often tell us that one major frustration they have with attorneys are the fees charged for services. Often the fees lack transparency and can be confusing to a client. In some cases, fees are based upon the amount of assets that a client has, yet in other cases the fees are not determined until a product/service has been chosen. Most clients hope that it will all “work out” and potentially leave the meeting with an uneasy feeling. We have listened to our clients and their concerns. Bellomo & Associates, LLC has created a system and process that eliminates the “uneasy” factor and concerns.

Bellomo & Associates, LLC is proud of and confident in our fee structure. All of our fees are clearly listed on a fee schedule that is laminated and available during all meetings throughout our client-centered process.

Our client-centered process allows prospective clients to communicate and define what is important to them. Clients start by attending a free workshop which is a fun and entertaining way to learn about all areas of estate planning. This is accomplished through a series of stories and real life applications.

After prospective clients attend our free workshop, he or she can then choose to move forward with a consultation. This consultations allows the attorney to listen and understand what is important in his or her estate planning. This clarity allows the attorney to present the options that are consistent with the information that has been shared.

The cost associated with each and every plan is then clearly communicated to the client. Bellomo & Associates, LLC knows this decision may need to be discussed so the attorney will leave the room to allow time for any discussion among the clients. When the attorney enters the room the client can decide what makes the most sense for their needs or communicate if they need additional time.

An open dialog and complete transparency about fees allows our clients to feel confident in the Bellomo & Associates, LLC fee structure & process. We pride ourselves in building relationships and maintaining clients who feel confident in our process.