My Loved One Wants To Stay Home, But We Are Open To The Possibility Of Other Arrangements

We often make recommendations to local handymen to be able to make changes or adaptations to the home, and we certainly have numerous referral sources for medical and non-medical care in the York, Lancaster, and surrounding areas. We are very lucky to have as many wonderful resources as we do, and we certainly like to take advantage of each and every one of them to allow people to remain in their home.

One thing that has definitely become more of the norm recently is people moving into independent living communities such as 55-plus communities or personal care and assisted living facilities that have independent care options as well as the continuing care communities.

One thing that we often hear from our clients after they move is that they wish they would’ve moved much sooner. We often hear them explain that they believe that they wanted to remain home at all costs because they believed that that was the right thing for them but once they moved into a community, they realized the social aspects of living with others and being able to participate in community activities, bus trips, and other engaging and meaningful opportunities. I have honestly never had a client come into my office who moved who said I shouldn’t have done that. Typically it is I wish I would’ve done it sooner so that I could’ve enjoyed those opportunities much more.

My advice to clients is that you should start looking at the options and opportunities while you are healthy and could enjoy them. Start taking tours and talk to people who live in the communities to learn about the socialization opportunities that they offer.

We believe in educating early and often so that people know what the options are available and hope that this article sheds some light on the opportunities and possibilities that a community can offer you. Not only will there be caregivers and ability to grow and to age in place, but also socialization aspects can oftentimes make people live longer and have them live a happy, healthy life towards the end.

Both remaining at home and moving into a community offer different opportunities and fulfill different needs. We encourage you to explore both options and to have an open mind about the possibilities of how both can provide you with opportunities and maybe your first reaction won’t be how you feel later in life. If you would like to learn more about estate planning and elder law and how you can help your loved ones age in place or have them move to a community, please give our office a call at 717-845-5390.