Happy National Caregiver Day

One of the most overlooked and underappreciated groups are caregivers. Whether the caregivers are professionals or family members trying to help informally, caregivers are the unsung heroes who rarely get credit for all that they are doing. Today, we challenge you to thank the caregivers in your life for their services!

If you know a caregiver who has chosen caregiving as their profession, they are certainly underpaid and underappreciated on a regular basis. The last three years have been especially tough for them. Your words of gratitude and thanks will go far in encouraging weary paid caregivers. If you know a family member who is providing in-kind service as a loved one’s caregiver, please take time to thank them for sacrificing their own priorities and time with their nuclear families to provide care for a loved one.

At Bellomo & Associates, our team is honored to serve our community and work daily with these types of caregivers. Whether paid or volunteering, caregivers make our community strong and amazing. Thank you to every caregiver out there. Happy National Caregiver Day! Contact us at 717-845-5390.