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Estate planning is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure your loved ones are protected after you pass away, and Bellomo & Associates, LLC, of York, PA, can help. We guide you in understanding how to plan your estate comprehensively to provide for your family after you become deceased or mentally unfit.

Any failure by you to plan could result in an expensive probate process or financial loss for your family. Fortunately, our firm is skilled in streamlining the process.

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Protecting Your Family

The primary reason you should look into estate planning is that it protects your family. If you plan properly, you avoid having the state allocate your estate and your loved ones possibly ending up with less than you intended.

Additionally, estate planning will allow you to make plans for minor children and distribute your property as you see fit. If you dont establish legal guardians for minor children, they could become wards of the state.

Similarly, if you fail to put together protocols for who should receive your assets and when, your wishes might not be thoroughly followed, leading to familial strife. Estate planning is one easy thing that you can do to help your family navigate your estate in the wake of your death.

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Making Sure Your Documents Are in Order

Proper estate planning requires quite a bit of paperwork, and the number of documents that you need to fill out can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, at Bellomo & Associates, LLC, we have experience handling estates and can aid you in ensuring that your documents are completed correctly.

You will need to create a Last Will and Testament, which distributes your wealth and property among your loved ones. You may also need to establish a trust, which helps your estate avoid probate and makes it clear who your heirs will be. Trusts can also help manage family infighting after youre deceased, and trusts are especially important if you have substantial money or assets.

Choosing Fiduciaries

Fiduciaries are people who manage your estate and make sure that living relatives follow your estate planning wishes after youve passed on or become unfit to handle your estate. The various types of fiduciaries includetrustees, executors, agents, surrogates, and protectors.

Choosing who will manage your estate undoubtedly can be difficult, but there are a few guidelines:

Consider choosing a different person for each role.
Always seek legal counsel, and establish an attorney of record, especially for larger estates.
Sometimes, appointing co-executors is a wise move.
Dont just make do with immediate family members. Find people who you trust wholeheartedly and who will handle the business of your estate with care and tact.

At Bellomo & Associates, LLC, we can advise you as to which person would be suitable for each fiduciary role and would ensure that your wishes are met after you pass.

Estate planning is one of the most important things that you can do to protect your family and make sure that the executor distributes your legacy as you see fit. At Bellomo & Associates, LLC, of York, PA, we pride ourselves in helping you navigate estate law, and we can aid you in preparing for the future. If you have not planned your estate, or if you need to revisit your previous estate planning effort to make sure that its everything you want, call us at 717-845-5390.