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Estate Planning Harrisburg, PA

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Though wills, trusts and other estate planning tools are rarely discussed in social settings, the truth is every adult can benefit from in-depth estate planning. It does not matter if you rent an apartment, own a home, have extensive generational wealth or are just starting out in life: you need a will crafted by an experienced legal practitioner.

If you fail to establish a plan for the distribution of your assets, Pennsylvania Intestate law will determine what happens to your money, property, valuables and other belongings upon death. There is no guarantee the state’s plan will be even slightly fair to your loved ones. Our Harrisburg estate planning attorney is here to ensure your desires are carried out down to the very last detail after you depart this plane of existence.

Financial Power of Attorney

Also known as Durable Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney is a critically important legal tool. The individual you name in this this legal document is provided with the authority to manage and spend your assets with your interests in mind. Financial Power of Attorney proves quite helpful for those who have Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or another disability that makes it difficult or impossible to manage one’s finances in a prudent manner. If you or a loved one are nearing this stage, meet with our Harrisburg attorney to establish Financial Power of Attorney.


All Harrisburg adults require a will, regardless of their level of wealth. Do not trust the state to distribute your possessions and real estate. Our Harrisburg elder law attorney is here to construct a will uniquely suited to the nuances of your unique situation. Take some time to think about how you would like your belongings distributed. Meet with our legal team and we will create a truly bulletproof will that cannot be successfully contested after you pass away. Do not fall into the trap of trying to create a DIY will! DIY wills often fail to hold up in court, ultimately leaving family members arguing with one another instead of honoring your life.


Ask those familiar with elder law about the field’s most-dreaded hurdles and you will hear all about the probate process. Probate is a time-consuming court process that has the potential to prove quite frustrating when all is said and done. Elder law attorneys sometimes recommend establishing a trust instead of going to probate. Trusts ensure your assets are provided to beneficiaries immediately after you pass. Certain trusts shield assets against taxes as well as the costs of extended care. Trusts can even protect money against additional threats such as creditors and lawsuits. Put your faith in our Harrisburg legal team and you can rest easy knowing your trust establishes a detailed plan as to how your assets will be managed should you become incapacitated and also how they will be managed after death.

Medicare and Medicaid

As you age, your thoughts will naturally gravitate toward your health and the cost of medical care. If you are approaching your golden years or already retired, you cannot start planning for healthcare costs soon enough. Our Harrisburg elder law team is here to explain Medicaid and Medicare eligibility requirements, determine how to get the most out of your money throughout your golden years and eventually prepare for your transition to a nursing home. Early planning is essential to ensure you do not have to spend most or all of your hard-earned money on health and living expenses. Whether you are interested in a strategic spend-down plan, curious as to whether you qualify for Medicare/Medicaid or are interested in another unique arrangement, our Harrisburg legal team will tailor a solution to your nuanced life situation, needs and desires.

Our Harrisburg estate planning attorneys are here to help you. Contact Bellomo & Associates today!

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