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Everyone in the world has lost a loved one at some point, and it is one of the most heartbreaking things that can happen in our lives. However, there are steps you can take to lessen the difficulties and complications for your family after your death. It is crucial to plan your affairs well in advance of death as you get older. That is where estate planning in Gettysburg, PA, comes to your aid. Establishing an estate plan early on will set your family up for success after you’re gone and make sure the assets you leave behind go where you want them to.

Bellomo & Associates is here to guide you through the estate planning process. Our experienced team members will work with you to establish your needs and handle all the fine details of estate planning. As elder law and estate planning specialists, we are equipped with the necessary knowledge to ensure you and your family never have to suffer through needless stress in the wake of death.

What Is an Estate?

After you pass away, if you are incapacitated, or if you become mentally unfit, estate planning is crucial. An estate plan is a safety net for you and your family that helps manage, disburse, and protect your assets. Making a plan for your assets before you’re gone will ensure all your funds and property go to the right people, whether they are family or other chosen heirs. Establishing an estate plan allows you to choose what happens and avoid drama or complications. Once you designate an executor of your estate, you will have legal reassurance that your property and money will be passed down as you see fit.

Estate planning in Gettysburg, PA, is important for your assets but also vital in the case of minors. If minors are under your care, planning will save them from becoming wards of the state. When setting up your estate plan, there are many necessary steps like a will, choosing fiduciaries, and setting up a trust to avoid probate. The number of steps needed to set up an estate can be overwhelming depending on the number and type of assets that you own. Bellomo & Associates strives to streamline this process and use our expertise to serve you.

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What Are the Benefits of Estate Planning?

There are many benefits of estate planning in Gettysburg, PA, and one of the biggest is avoiding probate. Probate is the legal process in which the court has to analyze, transfer, and administer the assets of a deceased person. This process can be highly stressful and take several months to complete. Planning your estate will help avoid or eliminate probate proceedings and ensure your assets go where you desire.

With estate planning comes setting up executors, who are the people that will manage your estate and ensure your preferences are executed correctly. Having these executors will keep out unnecessary drama from your family’s grieving process and maintain your afterlife wishes.

Another benefit of estate planning is the ability to designate your heirs in your trust. These individuals can receive their assets immediately upon your death rather than in the courtroom. As stated before, an estate plan can also protect the minors under your care. We know how important family is and want to prevent more heartbreak or loss after your death. Arranging for minor care and guardianship will keep your children safe from being placed under the supervision of someone you do not know or trust.

Where Can I Find Estate Planning in Gettysburg, PA?

Bellomo & Associates, LLC is here to serve your needs for estate planning in Gettysburg, PA. With over a decade of experience, our team members strive to provide our clients with knowledgeable help and dedicated service. We uphold our reputation of being practical and compassionate. Life is stressful, and death is even more so. Let us help you plan your estate and limit your grief. Contact us today at 717-845-5390 for a consultation.