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Estate Planning Attorney Allentown, PA

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What will your life be like five years from now? What about ten years from now? None of us know what the future holds, but we can take steps to ensure that it is as safe and stable for us and our loved ones as possible now. Tragically, less than a third of Americans have a will or estate planning documents that detail their last wishes and their preferred division of assets. The remaining Americans will leave behind families and loved ones who have to complete the lengthy and expensive probate process and delay the closure and asset distribution that you would want them to have. An estate planning attorney in Allentown, PA can walk you through the estate planning process and make sure that your wishes are carried out.

When Should I Make an Estate Plan?

It is never too soon to make an estate plan, but it can be too late to create one. Many people put off estate planning until an accident or tragedy has occurred where a power of attorney document or will would have been useful. The legal documents created when you work with an estate planning attorney in Allentown, PA show what you would like to happen to your assets, how you would like things to be distributed and who you would like to be the guardian of your minor children. Because these are such critical decisions, you should never leave them up to the courts or to chance.

Bellomo & Associates, LLC is an experienced estate planning attorney in Allentown, PA that wants to take the stress out of estate planning and give you and your family the peace of mind that you deserve. Estate planning is proactive instead of reactive, so it allows you to answer questions that might arise if you pass away or are incapacitated before you have the ability to be asked them. The work that you do with your attorney can prevent disagreements and arguments in the future that lead to further grief for your family members. We are skilled and compassionate and can walk you through each step of the estate planning process.

What Estate Planning Documents Do I Need?

At Bellomo & Associates, LLC, we work with every client to determine the appropriate documents for their situation and articulate their wishes in legally binding documents. Some of the documents that your estate planning attorney in Allentown, PA can create include:

  • A Trust or Will: These estate planning documents are where you discuss how you would like your assets and property to be distributed. We can assess your financial situation and assets and help you decide if a trust might be more appropriate to limit estate taxes or avoid legal challenges. By working with an estate planning attorney in Allentown, PA, you can also avoid some of the common problems that arise when attempting to create a will on your own. For example, if you name your partner the beneficiary on your retirement account paperwork but your outdated will lists your sister, the will could be contested and undergo years of legal battles.
  • Durable Power of Attorney: It’s very important to have a trusted party named to make major decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated for any reason. This person or attorney will be able to act on your behalf in legal decisions, financial transactions or real estate transactions.
  • Beneficiaries: Every one of your important accounts and policies should be complete with a contingent beneficiary or a beneficiary. We can help ensure that you have all beneficiaries properly named and that none of them conflict.
  • Letter of Intent: This is the letter that you will leave to a beneficiary or the executor of the will. In it, you can talk about how you would like your assets to be divided, special wishes that you have for your funeral or burial and more.
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney: Separate from a durable power of attorney, this designates who can make medical decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated.

Who Is a Trusted Estate Planning Attorney in Allentown, PA?

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