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There is no shame in asking for help as you enter your golden years.  Your family, friends, neighbors and elder law attorney each have their own unique way of assisting you as you segue to the next phase of your life.   Even if you do not have a large house in Lancaster, sizable investments or significant savings, you still need the legal services of an elder law attorney to protect your interests as well as the assets you would like to bequeath to others.

How a Lancaster Elderly Law Attorney can Help: Guardianships and Conservatorships

You, your parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or other loved one might eventually suffer dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or another form of incompetence.  If you are incapable of making sound decisions on your own behalf or if you are concerned a loved one will soon lack such a capacity, it is time to establish a guardianship.  Meet with our Lancaster elder law attorney so we can craft the details of your unique guardianship plan.

Once a guardianship or conservatorship is in place, the incompetent adult will have a trusted individual at his or her service to assist with managing finances as well as the challenges of everyday life.  The guardian or conservator will ensure the senior’s property and rights are protected to prevent abuse and/or manipulation.  Appointing a guardian presents some unique legal challenges that require the assistance of our experienced elder law attorney.  We are here to develop a strategic plan, handle probate hurdles and ultimately establish the legal guardian as quickly as possible.

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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is used to identify an individual to manage one’s assets in the event he or she is incapable of making sound decisions.  If you or a loved one are mentally or physically disabled, Power of Attorney is necessary to establish a trusted person to oversee your assets so they can be distributed exactly as you desire upon your passing.  This legal tool makes life that much easier for the incompetent party as well as his or her family members as there is no worry someone will step in and manipulate the senior citizen’s finances or other affairs.


Every adult living in Lancaster needs a will.  There is no reason to trust the government to prudently distribute your real estate, savings, investments, automobiles, and other property upon death.  Our elder law team is here to ensure you determine how your assets are distributed.  The best part is all you have to do is tell us how you would like your assets distributed.  We will develop a detailed will with your idiosyncratic desired in mind to ensure your instructions are fulfilled while minimizing tax exposure.


There are different types of trusts, each of which is specifically designed with a specific purpose in mind.  Our Lancaster elder law team is here to guide you and your family through this legal maze, determine the ideal trust for you and guarantee your loved ones or others are provided with money at specific times for specific purposes.  As an example, a revocable living trust is commonly used to sidestep probate.  This trust quickly transmits assets outside of probate court so the person or group in question is provided with their inheritance without delay.

Medicare and Medicaid

To say our healthcare system is overly-complex would be an egregious understatement.  Senior citizens and others understandably have questions about Medicare and Medicaid healthcare coverage options, eligibility requirements, hidden costs and so on.  Our elder law legal team is here to help you determine whether you qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, ensure you continue to receive healthcare and protect your savings.  Your elder law attorney will help you set the timetable for Medicaid planning, protect your assets, help with nursing home placement and clarify the legal complexities of all Medicaid/Medicare rules in plain English.