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Elder Law Harrisburg, PA

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Legal assistance is necessary as the aging process takes its course. Whether you are worried about your mental health after retirement, concerned your assets will not be distributed as desired or brainstorming ways to finance your medical care, you need a skilled elder law attorney in your corner. Bellomo & Associates provides the legal assistance Harrisburg residents need to age with the proper planning and most importantly, peace of mind.


In some situations, guardianship is required to ensure your welfare or the welfare of a loved one is accounted for after incapacitation. There comes a point in life when it becomes too difficult to take care of oneself, think clearly and make rational decisions. If you are no longer able to make sound financial decisions, a conservatorship might be necessary to care for your money.

Our legal team is here to help you petition the court for guardianship/conservatorship in the event your loved one lacks a power of attorney. We will help you file the proper legal documents, submit the required notices in accordance with court rules and make a convincing argument the guardianship or conservatorship really is necessary to serve your loved one’s interests. We can also make a convincing case you are the ideal guardian or conservator willing to care for the person in question, arrange medical assistance as necessary and ensure a high quality of life.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a powerful legal tool that designates an individual, referred to as an agent, to act on another person’s behalf. If you are a senior citizen or have a senior citizen in your life, you should meet with our Harrisburg elder law attorneys to determine if power of attorney makes sense for your unique situation. We can shape this legal tool so it is as limited or broad in scope as you desire. Once your power of attorney empower is in place, it will empower another person to make important health decisions on your behalf or empower you to make decisions on behalf of a loved one.

Another document known as a durable power of attorney for finances will be necessary to obtain authority over financial decisions. Our legal team is here to craft your power of attorney to ensure the agent can step in at the appropriate time to handle your affairs, whether they are financial or health-related. The clock is ticking. Your power of attorney must be created when you are of sound mind so schedule an appointment with our Harrisburg legal team as soon as possible.


Wills are legal instruments that detail how one’s estate is to be distributed upon death. A will also explains the manner in which the estate is to be distributed after death. Wills also designate an individual to provide assets to beneficiaries. You need an experienced Harrisburg elder law attorney to create a truly bulletproof will that leaves no confusion or potential for family drama after you pass. This way, your family’s focus can be on celebrating your life instead of arguing over your possessions. Meet with our legal team, explain exactly how you would like your property distributed upon passing away and we will ensure your will is written in exact accordance with your desires.


Trusts are legal arrangements in which a person, referred to as the trustee, manages and maintains legal title to another person’s property (the settlor). The settlor launches the trust and adds property. A trustee administers the trust in accordance with written directions, keeping the beneficiary’s interest in mind

Living trusts are created by the settlor to manage assets across the remainder of the settlor’s life. The settlor appoints a succeeding trustee to manage the property or other assets if incapacitation occurs. Our legal team can help you create a trust to guarantee you are adequately adequately prepared for incapacitation. Once your trust is formed, you won’t have to worry about bothering with the dreaded probate process.

Medicare and Medicaid

Healthcare is likely at the forefront of your mind as you transition to retirement. Whether you are curious if you qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, are wondering if you can afford long-term nursing care or have other healthcare questions, we can help. Our legal team is here to review your finances, determine what type of healthcare you qualify for, develop a strategic plan of action to maximize your Medicaid/Medicare benefits and ultimately minimize your healthcare costs.

It is Time to Start Planning for the Next Chapter of Your Life

Whether you are a senior thinking about the future or have an elderly relative you are concerned about, you need legal assistance for financial certainty and peace of mind. Our Harrisburg elder law attorneys are here to help you plan for your golden years, ensure your hard-earned assets are distributed exactly as you desire and make life that much more enjoyable in your golden years.

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