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Elder Law Attorney Lancaster, PA

As you travel along the journey that is life, you will have many highs and lows, victories and defeats and triumphs and tribulations. Are you confident that you have someone by your side who will prioritize your interests above all others? Do you have someone working on your behalf to ensure that you and your family are prepared for whatever the future might hold? Working with an experienced elder law attorney in Lancaster, PA is the best way to improve your current situation while also looking ahead to the future. We provide a comprehensive range of elder law services including estate planning, coordinating veteran’s benefits, assisted living planning and more. We are here to make your life easier as you age.

How Are Elder Law Attorneys Different?

In the same way that family law attorneys specialize in the unique conflicts and situations that arise with custody issues, divorce and other family problems, elder law attorneys handle all aspects of aging. Our elder law attorney in Lancaster, PA knows how to provide you with advice that is tailored to your unique situation and how to navigate the complex decisions you will need to make as you complete estate planning, long term care planning, retirement planning and more. Our attorneys are level-headed and experienced, and we are here to be your legal advocates while giving you confidence in all of the options that are before you.

Why Do I Need an Elder Law Attorney in Lancaster, PA?

Working with the right elder law attorney in Lancaster, PA ensures that you will have help planning your future. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Researching long-term care facilities and planning ahead for their potential cost
  • Developing a durable power of attorney
  • Assisting with the selection and appointment of a legal guardian
  • Creating a living will, healthcare directives and any additional directives you require
  • Filing nursing home claims in the event your rights are violated
  • Offering financial representation and completing various financial planning tasks including forecasting and addressing income, estate and gift tax concerns
  • Helping with health care planning including Medicare planning, patient rights, long term care planning and health care power of attorney
  • Completing the entire estate planning process, including planning for minors, planning to avoid probate and more
  • And more!

If you aren’t sure whether or not working with an elder law attorney in Lancaster, PA could make a difference in your estate planning process, don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more. We are happy to speak with you and address any concerns that you might have.

What Are the Advantages of Working With an Elder Law Attorney in Lancaster, PA?

It is hard to know whether or not you are doing enough to guard your family, your assets and your future, and elder law is a very complex field if you aren’t quite sure what you’re doing. When you are embarking on the estate planning journey, you need the right attorney by your side. At Bellomo & Associates, LLC, our elder law attorney in Lancaster, PA understands the many obstacles that can happen over the course of the planning process and serve as a resource for you. We have specialized experience and have worked with many clients in your exact situation. How can we help you?

Where Can I Find a Trustworthy Elder Law Attorney in Lancaster, PA?

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