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Wills and Trusts Harrisburg, PA

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We never know what’s coming around the corner, so It’s best to be prepared for worst-case scenarios. If you pass away unexpectedly without a will or trust in place, it can cause additional grief for your family members. A probate court will be forced to refer to local laws to determine who receives your property. This can be a lengthy, expensive, and emotionally taxing process. Unfortunately, however, many people avoid estate planning because they consider it to be too complicated. We recommend working with a lawyer who can assist you with wills and trusts in Harrisburg, PA.

Our team at Bellomo & Associates can make your estate planning process easy and hassle-free. With us, you won’t have to worry about your loved ones being forced to go through probate. In the Pennsylvania area, we are one of the best options for clients, and we can assist you in preparing for the future.

How Are Wills & Trusts Different?

Wills and trusts go hand in hand, but few people realize that they aren’t the same. A will is a document that explains your wishes and how you want assets to be divided. An example might be a mother writing a will that outlines who will take care of her young children if she passes away. It could also include where she wants to be buried and who her beneficiaries would be. A trust, on the other hand, is an agreement that allows the trustee to manage the trustor’s assets.

A trust can be granted while someone is still alive, whereas a will only goes into effect after death. For instance, if someone went into a coma or was unable to make financial decisions, a trustee could step in to do so. Trusts are the best way to avoid the probate process, and beneficiaries can receive funds immediately after a death with a trust. Ultimately, the best way to navigate wills and trusts in Harrisburg, PA, is to seek help from a professional. In Pennsylvania, anyone who dies without a will or trust will have their assets divided based on intestacy laws. It is possible that some of your wishes will be met, but your property may be divided in a way you do not prefer. The only way to avoid this is to start the estate planning process.

Why Should Pennsylvania Residents Create Wills & Trusts?

Most individuals pursue wills and trusts in Harrisburg, PA to circumvent probate. This is costly and time-consuming for family members who will already have enough on their plate. The only thing your family should have to worry about after your death is healing. With wills and trusts, you’ll be able to decide how your assets are distributed. This will give you the peace of mind you need moving forward.

It’s also important to remember that this applies to adults of all ages. When people think about wills, they typically picture retirement-age individuals. In truth, everyone over the age of 18 should prioritize estate planning. This process is the only way to ensure your wishes are carried out properly. For more information about wills and trusts in Harrisburg, PA, get in contact with the professionals at Bellomo & Associates today.

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