Community Spousal Allowance

In the below video, we are going to talk a little bit about community spousal allowance.  Specifically in the Medicaid context and when in a situation where there is a married couple, and the community spouse, the well spouse, or the person who is living in the community is going to be allowed to keep a portion of the I.S., or the "institutionalized spouse’s" income.

If income is below the Triple MNA, (the Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance), which in Pennsylvania is currently, in 2020 at $2,114.00 a month.  But what that means is if the community spouse’s income is not at $2,114.00 a month, they will be allowed to keep a portion of the institutionalized spouse’s income to be able to go into their pocket so that they can keep it.  Now, the maximum Triple MNA in Pennsylvania currently is $3,216.00 a month. 

So, when we get in the window between $2,114.00 and $3,216.00, we in the law firm will guide you if the out of pocket expenses for the housing and those types of things are high enough to get us up there but at a minimum, we are going to be able to get you to $2,114.00 of income and that may mean that we will have to keep a portion of the institutionalized spouse’s income to get us up to that minimum. 

I hope that helped provide an understanding in regards to the community spousal allowance and the Triple MNA or the minimum monthly maintenance needs allowance or the maximum monthly needs allowance made some sense. 

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