Kids Corner – Fork Painting

F0AF323B-4C9E-4C8C-A63E-4BBBDBFDCC5CI’m not sure how many folks know this but before I worked in the legal industry I was a day care teacher for 5 years.  I have a BS in Elementary Education but made a career change to law a little over 20 years ago.   My classroom was the four year old kids and I loved working with them. 

Everyone else in the day care thought I was crazy because we did a cooking project every Wednesday and frequently did “messy” activities.  With all the kiddos out of school I thought I would dust off some of the activities we used to do in my classroom and share them in case anyone can use some “new” ideas.  

My young friend, Harper, is also missing her friends and activities at her preschool, Red Lion Recreation Center Preschool.  On her school calendar it was “favorite things about spring day” so her mom asked her what is her favorite thing about spring and she said flowers.  So mom came up with the idea of painting flowers using forks and I think the picture came out awesome!  

If you want to paint some fork flowers you just need some simple supplies: forks (plastic ones mean easy clean up), acrylic paint, a paper plate or two, paper to paint on, and some yarn or markers.  Put different colors of pain on the plate, dip the back of the fork in the paint and then apply to the paper. 

Repeat using different colors.  Once you have painted all the flowers you can glue some green yarn on for the stems, paint them or draw them in with markers.  Be creative!  

Most of my ideas are for the younger set because I worked in a day care center but we would love for you to share your ideas with us for kids of any age.  

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