Kids Corner – Bubble Art

F03BF40C-FDAF-4C8B-BCB7-D3607B5B18FB_4_5005_cBubble art is a lot of fun but a little messy so if it is a nice day you might want to try this one outside.  You will need some containers, tempera paint or food coloring, dish soap and some straws.  Put water in your container and add the paint or food coloring, you want to make this pretty bright or dark in color. 

Then add a generous squirt of dish soap to the container.  To make the painting take a straw and blow bubbles in the liquid.  When the bubbles are over the top of the container lay the paper on top.  This will burst the bubbles and transfer the paint to the paper.  You can layer multiple colors on the same paper if you want.  Supervise the little ones to make sure they are blowing bubbles and not sipping the paint into their mouths. 

This is a fun activity to experiment with color mixing and blowing larger bubbles and smaller ones.  You can also just add food coloring to purchased bubble solution.  Once the pages dry you can cut out flower shapes or butterfly shapes or any shape at all.  These make a great base for handmade cards that kids can send to friends, relatives, to the military or nursing homes. 

As I said this one is messy so if you are doing this inside and get paint/food coloring on your table or counter top you can move onto another favorite activity of my day care kids, shaving cream!  I have found that the cheap cans of Barbasol shaving cream work great. 

Just spray the foam on the table/counter and let the kids have fun swirling it around, swishing it between their fingers and just generally having fun.  Once the foam is “crushed” you can wipe the surface with a damp cloth.  It generally removes all of the stains without any elbow grease on mom’s part. 

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