Hey Grandpa, What’s for Supper? – Mother’s Day Brunch

3B59CB66-DEAC-4E49-A7A7-D9FDA8D90675Time is certainly flying by in quarantine and it is almost time to celebrate that special lady in your life be it your mom, your grandmother, mother-in-law or someone who is like a mother to you. 

One thing that my mom loves is when she doesn’t have to cook.  One think I love is when the recipe is super easy or can be made ahead.  This is a dish we used to make when we went to the beach with a large group of people.  When it was Miss Judy Snyder’s turn to cook breakfast she always did this Sausage Bake recipe because you could do a lot of the prep the night before and just bake it in the morning. 

It is delicious and there will be leftovers unless you are feeding a bunch.

Sausage Bake

3 c. milk

1 ½ tsp. of salt (can be eliminated if your sausage is on the salty side)

Black pepper, to taste

1 dozen eggs

3 slices bread, cubed

1 ½ tsp. dry mustard

1 ½ lb. sausage, cooked and drained (use 2 lb. if you like sausage)

1 ½ c. shredded cheddar cheese (you can use 2 cups to use the whole package if you want)

Mix all ingredients and pour into a 9×13 inch pan, cover and refrigerate overnight.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake approximately 1 hour, until eggs are set.  Let it sit a few minutes before cutting to get nice looking portions.  Or just dig in with a big spoon and scoop onto plates.  Serve with fruit and pastries for a great brunch for a bunch. 

You can switch up the seasonings and cheese to your taste.  If you are a “crabby” person you could use Old Bay instead of salt and pepper etc.

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