Snowbirds – What Legal Documents They Need To Take When Traveling South For The Winder Months.

0F00DBF5-3A11-4BB4-8435-1011C8AC8E5EMany of our clients are “snowbirds” and will travel south for the winter months.  

Our clients always remember the essentials of medication, clothing etc. but we always try to remind them to also bring along copies of their legal documents in case of an emergency.  At a minimum it is important when you are away for long periods of time to bring a copy of your financial power of attorney and medical power of attorney so that in the event of an emergency they will be readily available while you are traveling.  

Don’t forget to let your traveling companions know where the copies are located in your luggage or rental unit.  Having copies will provide local family members, traveling companions or emergency personnel the names of who to contact in the event of an emergency.  

You should also leave copies of the documents with your agents so they know that they are expected to act. It also essential to let your agents know where the originals of the documents are located as medical personnel may request to see the original.  We call this an emergency legal kit for short.

The next time that you are getting ready to leave for vacation, not only pack your suntan lotion and other essentials but be sure to pack copies of your legal documents and make arrangements ahead of time.  

While this small step may seem unimportant now, if an emergency occurs, your agents will thank you for knowing that not only are they expected act, but giving them the authority to act.  As we have stated in previous blogs, it is essential to have discussions with your agents ahead of time, not only about where the documents are located but also your wishes.  

Enjoy your travels and peace of mind.

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