Estate Planning: A Worthy New Year’s Resolution.

New-years-day-4707619_640It is that time of year again. When the prior year closes and everyone is reflecting on what they want to get done and are checking things off of their list.

The real question is, what do you actually NEED to get done this year? 

I love talking to clients and friends this time of year, learning about all of the New Year’s resolutions. I often hear the same ones every year about losing weight, going to the gym, eating healthy, standing up for yourself, etc.

They are all extremely important and certainly are worthy resolutions to consider. A client recently was telling me a horrific story about her family and how the mom didn’t finish her estate planning, she kept putting it off. Every year she would promise to get it done and every year she never got to it.

Unfortunately, her mother died and the estate was a complete and utter mess. To make matters worse, the assets did not end up going where the mother wanted, nor where she had indicated to the family she wanted them to go. My client was obviously devastated and asked me to please urge people to take time for themselves and put themselves first and get their planning done. 

As 2020 rolls in, make your New Year’s resolution to get your estate planning completed, if not for yourself, then for your family. Make this year count and get that planning done before February rolls around.  Take the first step and register for one of our upcoming free estate planning workshops by clicking here now.


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