Reflecting On Gratitude

Thank you!The Bellomo & Associates Team took a minute to pause and reflect on we are grateful for when it comes to serving the families in our community. 

We wanted to share those thoughts with you:

Jeff Bellomo – I am grateful for the amazing families that we get to meet through their life’s journeys. I am grateful for the amazing team members that I get to work with each and every day to assist our community.

Amber Rivera – I am thankful for being a part of something I believe in; I believe in the lives we change daily and the purpose for which we do it.

Dan Hill -I am grateful for the fact that what we do here every single day is help families just like they are our own.

Jennah Motter – I am grateful to have a job where I am introduced to so many people and watch them make decisions that will help their family in the future.

Heidi Thomas – l am grateful that our purpose is to educate. I speak to so many clients who express their gratitude for the free educational workshops, which teach valuable information to those who need it most!

Michelle Poole – I am grateful for all the times I have been out in the community and someone has said to me, I am so thankful I met you today; I have this family crisis and we need your help.

Bill Poole – I am grateful for the opportunity to help our clients work their way through the estate planning process.

Cookie Larkin – I’m so thankful that B & A’s purpose/focus is truly helping others as opposed to focusing on self-gain.

Sharee Bishop – I am grateful for the opportunity to help so many families. 

Christine Oyler – I am grateful for the opportunity to help so many families and to work with an amazing team at Bellomo & Associates.

Tammy Ely – I am grateful that we are able to assist people in their time of need.

Thank you for choosing Bellomo & Associates to work with when it comes to your estate planning and elder law needs.  It means the world to us and we are beyond grateful for all the client families we’ve worked with through the years.



jeffrey bellomo

Jeffrey R. Bellomo, Esquire is a Certified Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation under authorization of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. As the owner of Bellomo & Associates, LLC he advises families about the legal challenges facing them today. He counsels clients and provides solutions on: Asset Protection, Special Needs Trusts, Wills, Trust Design, Guardianships, Medicaid and Estate Planning & Administration. His mission is to provide professional caring service to all his clients.

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