Gather Information Before You Need It!

Literature-3033196_640When faced with a medical crisis, no one wants to look for insurance cards, estate planning documents, or phone numbers; our focus needs to be on our loved one in need.

Therefore, it is never too early to make a list of all the information you may need should a crisis arise, and make sure it is easily available. This rule should be in place for you and your parents.

When making your list, include at a minimum the following:

  • Copies of the front and back of insurance cards, prescription cards, and IDs (driver’s license, military ID, etc.)
  • The names and contact information for doctors and specialists
  • Basic medical history, such as medical conditions, previous surgeries, allergies
  • A current list of medications with dosages and frequency they are taken (e.g. once a day)
  • The location of estate planning documents, including Living Will, health care and financial Powers of Attorney
  • A listing of financial accounts and safe deposit boxes, and institutions where they’re held

For your parents’ information, ask them with whom they want you to share this information, as they may not want everyone in the family to have this private, sensitive information. However, it should be available to more than one person, in case that one person is not immediately available when a crisis hits.

Then, make sure the designated people have copies of the information, or know where to get hold of it quickly, and they understand its purpose.

And of course, keep the list up to date!  

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