Should I use a retirement calculator?

Calculator-1180740_640Many clients ask me if they should use a retirement calculator, and my answer is always the same….


Although retirement calculators are great tools, I think that it is very important for people to not only get an answer from a calculator but also understand the why and the details behind what the numbers actually mean.

Financial professionals such as financial advisors and certified financial planners are able to assist you with the biggest decision of your life, which is do I have enough to retire? Although it is great that a retirement calculator will be able to give you a by-the-numbers answer, I believe that the professional advice that you will receive from a financial professional far outweighs the answer on a calculator.

Too often in our society, we look for the easiest and cheapest way to do things, but forget that there are professionals who are trained to assist us with our most important life decisions. Please take the time to call your financial professional, or, if you don’t have one, please locate one, as they will be able to guide you and provide invaluable advice about you, your family, and your future.  

A calculator just gives a number; you need the skillful advice that goes behind it.

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Jeffrey Bellomo, Esq.

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