The Butterfly

I recently did a blog on Olivia’s House and the 16th Olivian Gala, as well as a blog on Paul Waclo, the wood carver who carved the eagle in front of the office.  After getting great feedback on those blogs, it dawned on me how important Olivia’s House has become to York County, and Paul Waclo to Olivia’s House.

UntitledFor last year’s gala, Paul donated a bear he carved whose paws were forming the shape of a heart.  The bear brought a lot of money to the silent auction at Olivia’s House. This year, Paul was generous enough to yet again donate a wood carving of a butterfly to be auctioned off at the gala. The symbol for Olivia’s House is a butterfly, which symbolizes what Olivia’s House does for grieving families.  Paul and the butterfly are shown here.

I can’t thank Paul enough for his generosity in donating a wood carving each of these past two years, but for him to do the butterfly that symbolizes and means so much to Olivia’s house is truly awesome.  To nobody’s surprise, the butterfly definitely was the hit of the night, and brought a tremendous amount of money and recognition to Olivia’s House.

The entire organization and the kids it serves thank you, Paul, for being you, and for creating such memorable pieces that people will talk about for a long time, and which will help advance the mission of Olivia’s house. I am proud and privileged to add my thanks as well.  

Jeffrey Bellomo, Esq.


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