Why Should Financial Professionals Attend An Elder Law Boot Camp?

Bellomo and Associates offers a free boot camp for financial professionals which is approved for four credit hours for certified financial planners, insurance agents, and certified public accountants. Whether lawyers or financial advisors, we often get wrapped up in the day-to-day details, and rarely take time to see how the outer edges of how our practices affect clients in numerous ways.

The financial advisor/professional boot camp is designed to show financial professionals the intersection between their profession and the many other issues their clients are going to face as they age.

Rawpixel-com-579263-unsplashThe boot camp covers the basics of estate planning, wills and trusts, as well as more advanced planning for Medicaid, asset protection, and crisis planning. The landscape has changed tremendously in the last couple of years because of the increased federal estate tax limits, but there a lot more at stake than just federal and state taxes

I recently received a call from a financial advisor who attended our boot camp last year. He told me that although he was extremely skeptical of what he could possibly learn since he has been doing his business as a financial planner and accountant for over 30 years, he was pleasantly surprised at the amount of information that he learned and how much was actually new to him.

He was particularly very pleased that he was able to help one of his clients do some planning that he never thought could be done, and was able to help the client’s wife get the care her husband needed in a nursing home, while also ensuring that she had enough money to live the rest of her life. The financial advisor couldn’t thank us enough for educating him and opening his eyes to an area that he didn’t know existed.

Come to our boot camp on June 8, 2018.  Increase your knowledge, but, more importantly, learn how to help your clients on issues that they are going to face, and add another tool to your tool-belt to assist them.  You can RSVP by clicking here now.

Jeffrey Bellomo, Esq.


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