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In March I celebrated my 40th birthday. Shortly after that momentous occasion I found myself looking back and feeling very lucky to be living in a time where I have seen so many technological advances from typewriters to tablets! There is a reason my favorite ride in Disney World is the Carousel of Progress; I love dreaming about the future while honoring the memory of the past. That is how my blog came to life. I feel that if you want to know where you’re going, you have to remember where you’ve been. Each week I will bring fun facts from the past that will hopefully help you remember “when” with a smile.

Ahmadreza-sajadi-10140-unsplashThe most interesting fact I discovered was that the day of my birthday, March 24, was a Saturday in 1945 and 2018. If you took your calendar from March 1945 and compared it to your March 2018 calendar, the days would align exactly! If anyone has a calendar from March 1945 please share!

In March, 1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt was the U.S. president. The hit TV series was On Stage, Everybody, and the minimum wage was 40 cents an hour. With that 40 cents, you could buy a gallon of gas for 21 cents, a loaf of bread for 9 cents, and a postage stamp 3 cents, and Dad could purchase a new shirt for $2.50.

An accidental invention began in March, 1945 when a radar engineer Percy Spencer stepped in front of a device that powers radars and it melted his chocolate bar. Later in 1945 he filed a patent for the first microwave oven.

Thank goodness he did! When my daughter was 3 and I had a newborn baby, she would say “You’re a great microwaver, Mom”. I guess that is a compliment coming from a toddler.

As we’ve tiptoe into April and hopefully much warmer weather, I wanted to share a fun fact from April with you. In April, 2019, your calendar will match up perfectly with April, 1946!

Join me again as I step back in time for a stroll down memory lane.

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