The 16th Olivian Gala


On Saturday, March 24, 2018 my wife and I had the pleasure of attending the 16th Olivian Gala. Olivia’s House is a York County based nonprofit organization that is a grief and loss center for children.

Image001We have attended galas for Olivia’s House for several years and we are always speechless at what the donors and team at Olivia’s House do for grieving children in our area.  

It certainly takes a lot of people to be able to accomplish what Olivia’s House does, but it certainly would not have been possible without the founder, Leslie Delp. The tradition of the gala that the Delp family and the rest of the team at Olivia’s House has been able to accomplish each and every year to support their mission for the children is awe-inspiring.

Thank you to the team at Olivia’s House, to the Delp family, and to everyone who helped make the 16th Olivian Gala a resounding success. Here’s to many more, and thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.  



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  1. Thank you Jeff for the support that radiates from your family, your business and you! Our mission is one that gives back, which is why you are the perfect partner! Your energy, positive thinking and generosity through the years has helped to make us what we are! Whitney carries your banner as she guides us in the board room and we feel strong because we know you are in our corner for any legal decision we encounter. Having personally used your services to create our family’s estate planning, I am your biggest cheerleader! Recently, needing the DNR and end of life care we created together was so comforting. I can’t say enough about the way you do business, we are partners through and through!
    Leslie Delp, MA

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