Senior Rights and Protection

Protecting seniors’ rights is an important government function. Congress has created the county Area Agencies on Aging, which provide numerous services for seniors. Knowing what those various services are, and which agencies offer them, is important.

Many counties have an Area Agency on Aging. York County’s Agency on Aging (YCAAA) is at 100 West Market Street, York, PA 17401, (717) 771-9610 or (800) 632-9073, yorkcountypa.gov/health-human-services/agency-on-aging.html. Their website is full of useful information on a number of topics, including reporting elder abuse. The YCAAA also offers the Senior Community Service Employment Program, which helps unemployed, low-income adults age 55 and older with employment and training services. 

Catrin-johnson-486189-unsplashThe state Department of Aging has a number of useful hotlines for seniors, which can be found on their website, www.aging.pa.gov, under the “Aging Services” section. One service is an elder abuse hotline, 800-490-8505.

The state Attorney General’s office also has a number of programs to protect seniors, including an elder abuse hotline and a public protection division which addresses complaints of consumer fraud against seniors. Their many services can be found on their website, www.attorneygeneral.gov, under the “Senior Issues” tab. They also have a brochure on safety tips for seniors, and offer a Senior Crime Prevention University, both of which are at the “Senior Issues” tab. There are also services for veterans, found at the “Veterans” tab on their website.

Further, the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act, and other laws protect most employees over 40 from employment discrimination based on age. The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission enforces a number of these laws. This law is complex, with numerous exceptions; if you have an issue in this area you should consult a labor law attorney.

If you or a senior you know has any such issues, help is as near as your telephone or computer.  If you have questions you can always contact us by clicking here.

Jeffrey Bellomo, Esq.

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