Estate Planning And Blended Families

These days, it is common to deal with families that look very similar to the Brady Bunch.  

Having a blended family can certainly cause strain with a new spouse and the children of a prior relationship, both during life and after death. It does not have to be that way;  your goals and objectives, whatever they may be, can, and should, be provided for during and after life.

Kevin-delvecchio-273275-unsplashWe often hear from spouses that they want to make sure that their surviving spouse is cared for after their death, but that the children from their prior relationships are also taken care of, and that everything that they and their prior spouse worked for does not get lost in the shuffle.  

Estate planning allows the means to provide for a surviving current spouse during his or her life, while also guaranteeing that children from the prior relationship are also be protected and provided for in the future.

Getting this planning done properly while healthy and able provides not only peace of mind, but for smooth family dynamics in the future. However, not every estate planning attorney or internet forum has the sophistication and tools to be able to do this in the proper way.

Take care of your blended family now so that everyone is taken care of later, and there is no needless, preventable heartache, pain, or resentment in the future.  

We can help with your blended family needs.  Step one is to attend one of our FREE education workshops.  You can find out more and RSVP here!

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