Why Estate Planning & Elder Law Should Be A Team Sport

It is very common in our practice to meet with husbands and wives or single individuals about their estate planning. In our practice, if a client comes to a workshop, we also provide a free consultation, which is informative and detailed.

Often, however, people do not tell their family, financial advisors, or accountants that they are coming.

Ben-hershey-417730-unsplashFrequently, they will decide to move forward with our office to put a plan in place unbeknownst to family and advisors. 

This can create a problem later on in the process or after the process is complete, when they finally talk to their financial advisors, accountants, or families about what they did and why. Families and professionals are often very protective of their loved ones and clients, and often are concerned that people are out to get them and therefore are distrustful.

Our team’s mantra is that estate planning and elder law is a “team sport”.

At the free consultation, which we call our vision meeting, we encourage people to bring their team, which could include any or all of their family and financial professionals. Although up to each client, we generally find that when the entire team understands the “what and why” of an estate plan, the entire process is much easier for all involved, which eliminates a lot of heartache and pain later on.  

The more the important people in your life are involved, the more likely it will be that everyone is on the same page when you make a decision. Of course, the decision of who to involve, and to what extent, is always entirely yours.

We'd love you to join us for one of our free education workshops just to come and discover who we are and how important estate planning and elder law are.  Just click here and pick the day and time that work best for you.  We'll save you a seat!


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