Concerns For Caregivers

As our loved ones age it is very common for family members to want to care for them and keep them at home as long as possible.  

Family caregiving is a tremendous gift to give to a loved one, allowing people to continue to live at home the way that they want.  

Sergiu-valena-428744-unsplashHowever, it is surprisingly common for the caregiver to become ill, such as having a stroke, a heart attack, or a panic attack, before the ill family member, often as a result of the physical and emotional stress of their caregiving.  

We preach in our workshops and boot camps the importance of paying attention to ourselves and our family’s caregivers to ensure that they get sufficient rest and respite, and some time to themselves.  

Providing your caregiver loved ones time to go for a walk, to the gym, or simply to get out of the house can often be the difference between the caregiver staying healthy or becoming ill herself or himself.  

If you are a caregiver, please take time for yourself, and if you have family member caregivers, pay attention to their needs and make sure they have time to themselves to regenerate and reenergize.  It will mean the world to – and possibly continued good health for – them.

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Jeffrey Bellomo, Esq.

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