David Cassidy’s Will Cut out Daughter Katie

1970’s rock star David Cassidy cut his actress daughter out of his will years before he died. He directed that Katie, 31, whose mother was never married to David, wasn’t to get any of it.

His will was written in 2004. It hadn’t been changed, even though Cassidy and Katie briefly reconciled, according to The Daily Mail in the recent article, “David Cassidy Cut Daughter Katie Out Of His Will.”

“It is my specific intent not to provide any benefits hereunder to Katherine Evelyn Cassidy and/or any descendant of Katherine Evelyn Cassidy,” the will stated.

171121211715-pwl-david-cassidy-restricted-super-169At the time of his death, Cassidy had only $150,000 in assets despite years in the limelight. The Partridge Family television star died of organ failure in a Florida hospital in November 2017. His death certificate stated that he was cremated in Hollywood, Florida.

Cassidy’s son Beau was left all of his father's money, but all his music memorabilia was left to his half-siblings, Shawn, Ryan and Patrick. Katie, who appears in the series Arrow and starred in Gossip Girl, had a rocky relationship with her father. The two were estranged and reunited briefly in the past year. However, earlier this year, David said the two had fallen out of touch again.

Beau is Cassidy's only child through marriage. He was married to Beau’s mother Sue between 1991 and 2016. Katie's mother Sherry is a singer. She was born in 1986, years before Cassidy married his wife. Even though they had an on-off father-daughter relationship, Katie was there when her father’s life support was turned off last month.

Cassidy's financial problems were well-known before his death, along with his battle with alcoholism. Two years before he died, David sold his South Florida home (and most of the furniture inside it) at an auction. He had been living in Fort Lauderdale in the months before his death.

Just a few months before his death, Cassidy told the media that he was battling dementia.

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Reference: Daily Mail (December 6, 2017) “David Cassidy Cut Daughter Katie Out of His Will”

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