Create a Lasting Legacy in Your Community

In addition to making a meaningful gift to a charity, you can create a lasting legacy in your community, says Hawaiian Business in its recent entry, “5 Steps to a Lasting Legacy.” Here are some ideas to consider when creating your lasting legacy.

  1. Team-386673_640 (1)Consider the Charitable Organizations or Causes That You Feel are Important. Think about how you’d like to make your community better for future generations. A legacy gift will benefit a specific nonprofit or cause.
  2. Find out if you satisfy the Requirements. The charity may have some rules about its legacy giving. For example, the Hawaii Community Foundation requires that you be age 60 or older and able to donate $20,000 or more. That gift can consist of cash, funds earning low interest, or appreciated assets (securities and real property). For those younger than 60, they suggest a deferred annuity in which the payment is triggered at 60 or older, to allow you to coordinate your payment with your retirement.
  3. Work with an Expert. Talk with an experienced estate planning attorney about how a charitable gift annuity would benefit you and meet your objectives.
  4. Tailor the Agreement to Meet Your Goals. In many instances, a gift, such as an annuity, is simple to create. It’s a contract between you and the charity. The charity may offer to work with you and your attorney to customize an annuity that is based on your personal situation and charitable investments. One key decision is how to use the remaining balance upon the death of annuitant(s) designated by the original donor. Decide if the remaining balance is to be used for broad charitable purposes or to support a specific cause.
  5. Enjoy It. You’ll get an immediate charitable tax deduction for a portion of the gift and a fixed annual payment for the rest of your life. Some of the annuity payments may be tax free, and there are no capital gains taxes owed on appreciated property used to start a charitable gift annuity. The reportable capital gains (if any) are spread out over the annuity payments.

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Reference: Hawaiian Business (June 2047) “5 Steps to a Lasting Legacy”

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