Playboy Playmate’s Estate Files Wrongful Death Suit against Chiropractor

DoctorFox News, in its recent article, “Playboy model Katie May's estate sues chiropractor for wrongful death,” reports that the father of Katie May's eight-year-old daughter filed the suit a few weeks ago in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Alex Maimon is seeking a judgement to help pay for the girl’s college education.

The lawsuit, filed by Maimon, claims that Doctor of Chiropractic Eric Marc Swartz was negligent and his care resulted in May's death. The plaintiff says the chiropractor should have sent May to the hospital, instead of treating her after she suffered a serious neck injury during a photo shoot.

May would still be alive today, if not for the chiropractor’s “forceful" and "aggressive" adjustments that tore an artery in her neck and caused her fatal stroke, the lawsuit claims. The complaint goes on to say that Swartz’s “aggressive neck manipulation” caused deadly “bilateral vertebral artery dissections” that blocked blood flow to May’s brain.

May, who was known as the "Queen of Snapchat," died in February 2016, after she suffered a stroke at age 34.

An October 2016 coroner's report ruled her death to be accidental. But Maimon's lawsuit questions the timing of May's death: she died four days after being treated by Dr. Swartz.

Ronald Richards, the attorney for May’s estate, filed the lawsuit against Swartz and his Los Angeles practice, Back to Total Health, on June 14. The lawsuit alleges medical malpractice and negligence, specifically that Swartz mistreated Katie May by adjusting her neck and that he should have recognized she required immediate attention at a hospital.

The Los Angeles County Coroner determined that May died because of an injury sustained during a “neck manipulation by chiropractor.” The plaintiff contends that Dr. Swartz adjusted her neck in a manner that severed her left vertebral artery. This injury blocked blood flow to the brain and resulted in the stroke.

“I think that the coroner’s report corroborates that it was the chiropractor’s manipulation that was the cause of death,” Richards told People Magazine.

Maimon’s complaint states that he first tried to work with the insurance carrier for the chiropractor but had no success. “The carrier forced (Maimon) to file this action by refusing to attend a mediation to help Mia with some college money,” the suit alleges.

Reference: Fox News (June 15, 2017) “Playboy model Katie May's estate sues chiropractor for wrongful death”

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