California Nursing Home Sued for Poor Treatment of Patients

Old ladyJeanne Roney, 91, a former patient of the Golden LivingCenter in Napa, California, died in January, nine days after being diagnosed with scabies. Her daughter, and successor in interest, filed a lawsuit against the facility, alleging that her mom died due to the facility’s negligence. This treatment caused her to have numerous falls and injuries including scabies, a urinary tract infection and malnutrition.

The Napa Valley Register, in its recent report, “Former Napa care facility sued for elder abuse after patient dies,” says that Golden LivingCenter Napa allegedly failed to provide sufficient staff in number or in training to properly care for Jeanne, causing serious injuries and death. Her attorney stated, “Golden LivingCenter charged top dollar for care and then failed to hire and retain sufficient and competent staff to provide required care to Jeanne in order to prevent further injury.”

Roney was suffering from dementia and other medical conditions that caused her to require help with daily activities. She came to Golden LivingCenter in 2011, after she suffered a stroke and fractured her leg.

The lawsuit alleges that Golden LivingCenter failed to provide Roney with IV antibiotic therapy, which she required to prevent her from developing life-threatening infections, failed to appropriately treat her infection and failed to prevent the infection from getting worse. She developed multiple urinary tract infections, requiring care at a local hospital in 2015 and 2016, while a resident of Golden LivingCenter. Last winter, she developed another urinary tract infection and was eventually diagnosed as being dehydrated and septic.

The suit also claims that four employees at Golden LivingCenter contributed to Roney’s injuries, one of whom—Ronald Mesia Moralde—was caught with stolen medication taken from Golden LivingCenter last spring. Moralde pleaded no contest to first degree burglary last August. The drug charges and misdemeanor crimes against an elder adult were dropped. He was sentenced to one year in jail and three years of probation.

The complaint alleges that the facility knew it was understaffed and that its employees were not sufficiently trained. This resulted in the withholding of medical and custodial services to residents. The lawsuit alleges that management did this to make money.

California’s Health Facilities Consumer Information System said that Golden LivingCenter was the subject of 85 complaints in the last five years. They also had four self-reported incidents, including issues with resident safety and residents not being treated with dignity or respect.

Reference: Napa Valley Register (March 24, 2017) “Former Napa care facility sued for elder abuse after patient dies”

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