You Can’t Take It with You, but Dying Isn’t Cheap

Money in mouse trap“Funerals cost $6,000 and up, but planning can help you cut the big expenses.”

No one likes to talk about death, because it's considered taboo. But one subject even more taboo is money, contends gobankingrates.com. According to its article, “7 Money Secrets about Dying That No One Wants to Talk About,” if you don't talk or plan for dying, your death could cost your family a considerable amount of money. Read on to consider some valuable money secrets about death and how to be prepared.

Funerals Can Be Darn Expensive. Funerals homes charge about $6,000 for funeral services, and you'll pay an additional $2,000 for burial, $1,000 for a grave marker or $2,000 for a headstone. That adds up to $10,000 or more. Your family could also spend even more, if you don't put your final wishes in writing and discuss them with your family. The high cost of a funeral you didn’t want, could put your family in debt.

Look at Less Expensive Funeral Options. It’s hard to be sensible and objective when you're dealing with the emotional stress of a loved one's death.  However, there are differences in prices. You can find this information online. Do some comparison shopping for your family and tell them which funeral home you prefer.

A Funeral Package Deal Isn’t Always a Great Deal. A funeral home might offer a package, but you may not want or need everything that's in it. Look at your options because funeral home pricing is dependent on the services provided. You can also buy the grave marker, headstone or casket online directly from wholesalers or distributors, which can cut costs.

A Traditional Funeral Isn’t the Only Option. Don’t feel pressured into having a traditional funeral for yourself or your loved one, especially if you can't afford it. The difference between a full traditional burial and a cremation can be $7,000, with the additional services required.

Prepaid Funeral Policies. Funeral homes and insurance companies offer prepaid funeral policies. This sounds like a good way to save your family money on your funeral costs, but you can spend more on premiums than the policy will pay at your time of death.

When you don't plan or you plan improperly, your family will pay the price. While you are at it, spend the money to have an experienced estate planning attorney draft a will so that it conforms to your state's laws.

Reference: gobankingrates.com (March 14, 2017) “7 Money Secrets about Dying That No One Wants to Talk About”

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