ABLE Act a Big Break for the Disabled

Person in wheel chairThe Achieving a Better Life Experience, or ABLE ACT, was passed by Congress in 2014 and lets individuals with disabilities establish special tax-advantage accounts to help them with specific expenses.

Family and friends can contribute up to $14,000 annually to the accounts, but these accounts don’t count against Supplemental Security Income or other program income limitations, reports The Las Vegas Review-Journal in “Nevadans with disabilities will save money under ABLE Act.”

The program is available to Nevadans on the basis of disability or blindness under the SSI program or under the Social Security disability, retirement and survivors program. In order to be eligible, the individual’s disability must have occurred before age 26.

The funds in an ABLE account can be used for education, housing, transportation, health care, assistive technology, assistance in getting and keeping work and other approved expenses.

The Nevada ABLE Act program is administered by the State Treasurer, and the Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division will provide program education and outreach.

“We are very excited to bring this opportunity to Nevada families,” Nevada State Treasurer Dan Schwartz said in a statement.

The money deposited in these accounts will be invested, and the increased value of these assets will be exempt from the means-tested Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income programs.

Reference: Las Vegas Review-Journal (January 26, 2017) “Nevadans with disabilities will save money under ABLE act”

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