Planning the Estate Sale

Woman looking out windowWCP's recent post, "4 tips for dealing with the emotional side of estate sale planning," offers some helpful ways to stay strong and make wise decisions as you work through the process of preparing for an estate sale.
Get advice. Don't take on this responsibility alone. As you begin the process of selling the contents of an estate, find yourself a support system. This can include members of your family, friends, and experts (like an estate planning attorney). These folks can provide you with valuable advice, and you may feel more comfortable when you've considered input from others. Given that this is an extremely emotional experience, you might also want to talk with a member of the clergy or a counselor as you go through the steps of preparing for the estate sale.
Get ready for memories. There can be times of grief that will pop up unexpectedly, and in some instances, simply seeing certain items will trigger special memories. Sorting through some household items might appear to be a simple and unemotional task. However, it can be tough when you come across something that you associate with a memorable occasion. Be prepared to find items that may cause a moment of pain. Even so, try to balance this with happy memories when you can. While this isn't always easy, concentrating on positive feelings can be a critical part of staying strong throughout the process.
Get ready to take your time. Although it may not be possible, try not to rush through the planning stages for the estate sale. Make wise decisions on what to sell, what to keep, and what to donate—as you want to avoid any regrets in the future. Preparing for an estate sale offers a measure of closure, but this process can also cultivate feelings of finality. Allow yourself time and space to consider your options to reduce the emotional burden.
Get help. An estate sale service can eliminate much of the emotional pressure that comes from the estate sale process. This way you don't have to focus on details that aren't really your area of expertise, such as pricing, staging, and scheduling. This will let you have the freedom to channel your energy into emotional healing. In addition, this professional assistance can lessen the burden of decision making, which can be helpful.
Reference: WCPO (May 9, 2016) "4 tips for dealing with the emotional side of estate sale planning"

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