Where Do I Find a Good Attorney?

DefinitionOfAttorneyWhen it is time to begin one's estate planning, working with capable advisers becomes very important. Often, because this is an expertise that a person does not need very often, it is difficult to find the "right" estate planning adviser.

While many lawyers can prepare simple wills, estate planning can be complex, making a simple will inappropriate in many situations, says a new article in The (Huntington, WV) Herald-Dispatch titled “Finding the right help with estate planning is crucial.

This article discusses how to find a good estate planning attorney, and suggests working with a member of the nearest estate planning council … or the estate planning practice section of the state bar association.

Members of these organizations include lawyers for whom estate planning is a significant part of their practice. When you contact an attorney for estate planning work, the article suggests that you might ask whether he or she is a member. Also, you can ask whether the attorney attends continuing education seminars on estate planning, as specialists in estate planning will typically look for workshops and seminars that will add to their knowledge base and better serve their clients.

Using these ideas, like inquiring about estate planning council membership and attendance at appropriate seminars, are among many factors that may help in your selection of a quality estate planning attorney.

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Reference: The (Huntington, WV) Herald-Dispatch (April 3, 2015) “Finding the right help with estate planning is crucial

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